Local, organic thanksgiving

If you’re planning to have a local, organic thanksgiving this year, we thought it might be helpful to let you know everything we will have in abundance this weekend at the market. This market is your chance to get everything you need to celebrate in the coming week. Holiday staples: green beans, butternut squash, summer squashContinue reading “Local, organic thanksgiving”

Using herbs for “spice cubes”

We want to introduce you to one of our favorite ways to use fresh herbs. We have named it “spice cubes.” It’s a strange name but it gets the point across – freezing herbs in ice cube trays. Here are the details: Spice cubes: Freeze your favorite herbs in an ice cube tray with aContinue reading “Using herbs for “spice cubes””

4-week Simple Recipe Series

We’re dropping a new resource to start off 2023: a four-week Simple Recipe Series. For four weeks, we will send you one recipe per week (sent on Thursday, ahead of the weekend). The recipes we will be sharing are for meals we have prepared in our own kitchen with our veggies for years. We come backContinue reading “4-week Simple Recipe Series”

Farmers Market Farro and Kale recipe:

This meal only uses one pan, and only two fresh ingredients from the farmers market. Super easy staple food that is delicious, cost-effective, and healthful! Make enough for leftovers and you can enjoy it twice in one week. Prep Time: 5 | Cook Time: 30 | Serves: 4-5 
Ellen picked up this recipe in NewContinue reading “Farmers Market Farro and Kale recipe:”

Seasonal Rainbow Buddha Bowl Template:

Stay with us for this one – there is a lot of information here. What we are providing here is more of an adaptable template, and less of an exact recipe. The possibilities are endless, and we will outline several different approaches. The preparation takes a bit longer, but we use this as a make-aheadContinue reading “Seasonal Rainbow Buddha Bowl Template:”