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Find our organic vegetables and flowers in St. Pete weekly at our farmers market, and by becoming a member of our Farm Membership program.

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Little Pond Farm is a USDA certified organic farm in central Florida. We grow organic vegetables and cut flowers.

Four-week Simple Recipe Series to get inspired in the kitchen.

For four weeks, we will send you one recipe per week. The recipes are:

1. Simple. Fast to prepare.
2. Not a ton of ingredients.
3. Can be prepped ahead, or made in batches to save time.
4. Veggie-focused, utilizing what’s in season from the farm.
5. Limited tools/cookware. The recipes don’t use every pot and pan in your kitchen.

The Story of Little Pond Farm:

  • Who we are: We are Cole and Ellen Turner, husband and wife team, and owners of Little Pond Farm in Bushnell, Florida. Established in 2013, the farm is USDA Certified Organic which means we grow our crops without the usage of any synthetic chemicals or inputs, with soil-health as a focus and an emphasis onContinue reading “New to Little Pond? Start here”

  • This golden root grows from a tropical broad leaf plant that looks a little like banana leaf and grows 4-6′ tall. Turmeric is in the ginger family and native to southeast Asia, which means our climate and similar altitude is perfect for this tropical beauty, which we plant in May and harvest beginning in October.Continue reading “Turmeric”

  • We made it through another cold spell this past weekend with temps dipping into the upper 20’s again. This comes just three weeks after the deep freezes we experienced over Christmas weekend ( read about that here if you missed it ). We’re happy to report again this time that the crops made it through the weatherContinue reading “The sweetest carrots of the year”

  • It’s here… false spring. It happens every year at some point in February. It always warms up a bit between each winter cold front in Florida, but after the turn of the new year, there is something different. You can see it. You can feel it. With the lengthening days, the sun glows for a bit longerContinue reading “False Spring”

Keep your veggies fresh longer.

Fresh, local produce naturally lasts longer because it was recently harvested. Plus, you can keep your produce fresh even longer by utilizing proper storage techniques. We have created a printable reference guide for all the veggies we grow. Learn to store your veggies the correct way and extend their value!