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Little Pond Farm is a USDA certified organic farm in central Florida. We grow organic vegetables and cut flowers.

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The story of Little Pond Farm:

  • Who we are: We are Cole and Ellen Turner, husband and wife team, and owners of Little Pond Farm in Bushnell, Florida. Established in 2013, the farm is USDA Certified Organic which means we grow our crops without the usage of any synthetic chemicals or inputs, with soil-health as a focus and an emphasis onContinue…

  • Membership enrollment for next season has begun! If you’re ready to take your love of fresh, local, organic food to the next level, Farm Membership provides your opportunity to level-up! How it works: Farm Members signup for membership ahead of the new season. Your early commitment earns you 10%-12% bonus funds added to a FarmContinue…

  • That’s a wrap! Our long and beautiful Florida harvest season has come to a close. Vegetables were abundant, flowers were floriferous, recipes were shared, friendships were nurtured, machines were broken and fixed, there was hail, there was drought, magic was everywhere. Our amazing farm team at the last farmers market of the season: Orion, Leo,Continue…

  • If you value shopping local, eating organic, and seeking the freshest, most nutrient dense food available, we invite you to explore Farm Membership. This is your chance to lean into what’s important to you, continue shopping at the market like you normally do (with Farm Card in hand!), and also save money on veggies and flowers for theContinue…

Keep your veggies fresh longer.

Fresh, local produce naturally lasts longer because it was recently harvested. Plus, you can keep your produce fresh even longer by utilizing proper storage techniques. We have created a printable reference guide for all the veggies we grow. Learn to store your veggies the correct way and extend their value!