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  • Local, organic thanksgiving

    Local, organic thanksgiving

    If you’re planning to have a local, organic thanksgiving this year, we thought it might be helpful to let you know everything we will have in abundance this weekend at the market. This market is your chance to get everything you need to celebrate in the coming week. Holiday staples: green beans, butternut squash, summer squashContinue…

  • Market season begins!

    Market season begins!

    The season is beginning. Our first harvest is happening today and tomorrow for market THIS SATURDAY! We have been hard at work growing for you and we’re excited to see you and get started with the season! The beginning of the season brings an abundance of crops like kale, collards, lettuce, baby greens, scallions, babyContinue…

  • Planting and getting ready

    Planting and getting ready

    We are hard at work planting and getting ready for the approaching season! This time of year, we are full of excitement in anticipation. As we sow the seeds for the season to come, we are full of hope of a delicious, plentiful harvest to share. We spend our days planting tiny plants into openContinue…

  • Turning earth

    Turning earth

    Just a quick update. After a couple of months preparing for the season to come, it is time now that we begin sowing seeds and turning the earth to begin the process of planting for the season. At the beginning of summer, we received just enough rain to germinate our cover crops. Since then, theContinue…

  • Transform your life with Farm Membership

    Transform your life with Farm Membership

    If you value shopping local, eating organic, and seeking the freshest, most nutrient dense food available, we invite you to explore Farm Membership. This is your chance to lean into what’s important to you, continue shopping at the market like you normally do (with Farm Card in hand!), and also save money on veggies and flowers for theContinue…

  • Magic was everywhere

    Magic was everywhere

    That’s a wrap! Our long and beautiful Florida harvest season has come to a close. Vegetables were abundant, flowers were floriferous, recipes were shared, friendships were nurtured, machines were broken and fixed, there was hail, there was drought, magic was everywhere. Our amazing farm team at the last farmers market of the season: Orion, Leo,Continue…

  • It’s the final week!

    It’s the final week!

    The final week of the harvest season are here. This Friday, we will be harvesting and gathering all the last fresh vegetables and flowers that the farm has to offer for the season! Then, we will turn it all under, and the harvest season will be finished. So let it be known: we would LOVEContinue…

  • Early-enrollment begins. Why sign up early?

    Early-enrollment begins. Why sign up early?

    Membership enrollment for next season has begun! If you’re ready to take your love of fresh, local, organic food to the next level, Farm Membership provides your opportunity to level-up! How it works: Farm Members signup for membership ahead of the new season. Your early commitment earns you 10%-12% bonus funds added to a FarmContinue…

  • Farm update + membership announcement

    Farm update + membership announcement

    We’re in the second half of May now! We made it through our big flower harvest last week for Mother’s Day. We hope we made lots of mommas happy this past weekend! Updates: Now, we turn our attention to the final two weeks of harvest (only TWO farmers markets left!) and clearing the fields. WeContinue…

  • [Video] How to make a farmers market bouquet, with Ellen!

    [Video] How to make a farmers market bouquet, with Ellen!

    How to make a Mother’s Day bouquet with local organic farm flowers from Little Pond Farm! Watch Ellen create several bouquets from 6 bunches of farmer’s market flowers. We will have flowers for you this Saturday at the farmers market in St. Pete, FL! Stroll through and get creative. See you Saturday ❤️

  • Flowers, everywhere

    Flowers, everywhere

    The main story this week is FLOWERS!  It’s “Mother’s Week,” with Mother’s Day ahead of us this weekend.  Mothers day is this Sunday. Flowers are simply everywhere. Find our Mother’s Day flowers this weekend at Satuday Morning Market in St. Pete, FL. We will have a resplendent offering of flowers this weekend at the farmers market. TheContinue…

  • Hail, Wind, Rain, Watermelon

    Hail, Wind, Rain, Watermelon

    Did you see photos of all the hail in Central Florida last week? We were on an outer band, and did receive hail for about one minute. Plus the wind and rain, the crops have been put through the stress test over the last week. See below pictures of the fallout! (Lettuce shredded, sunflowers fallen,Continue…

  • Using herbs for “spice cubes”

    Using herbs for “spice cubes”

    We want to introduce you to one of our favorite ways to use fresh herbs. We have named it “spice cubes.” It’s a strange name but it gets the point across – freezing herbs in ice cube trays. Here are the details: Spice cubes: Freeze your favorite herbs in an ice cube tray with aContinue…

  • Level-up with greens!

    Level-up with greens!

    We grow a variety of fresh greens all season long (from October – May). We have the staples like kale and rainbow chard, and also some more uncommon varieties like sorrel and malabar spinach. The season for greens is long, so there is plenty of time to experiment with different types and preparations to findContinue…

  • Basil Highlight

    Basil Highlight

    First, don’t destroy your basil. Don’t put it in your fridge! The cold temperature will ruin the leaves. I Instead, store basil on the counter, in a jar of water (like flowers in a vase). Drape a plastic grocery bag over the top of the bunch (like a dome) to keep them super fresh andContinue…

  • What’s abundant this spring

    What’s abundant this spring

    Balmy, springtime weather is here. The warmth of spring brings new crops like cucumbers, squash, basil, and sunflowers. Plus, an abundance of everything else. Following the spring equinox, all of the crops we’ve been growing all winter grow faster and faster and yield a plentiful harvest. Right now we are harvesting lots of: peppers, tomatoes,Continue…

  • CSA Week – What is CSA?

    CSA Week – What is CSA?

    This week (week of February 20th) is National CSA Week – a week where CSA farms across the country have agreed to promote the values of CSA. But first – what is CSA? CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. Our farm utilizes this approach. Allow us to explain: CSA is a model where a farm acceptsContinue…

  • False Spring

    False Spring

    It’s here… false spring. It happens every year at some point in February. It always warms up a bit between each winter cold front in Florida, but after the turn of the new year, there is something different. You can see it. You can feel it. With the lengthening days, the sun glows for a bit longerContinue…