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  • False Spring

    False Spring

    It’s here… false spring. It happens every year at some point in February. It always warms up a bit between each winter cold front in Florida, but after the turn of the new year, there is something different. You can see it. You can feel it. With the lengthening days, the sun glows for a bit longerContinue reading “False Spring”

  • The sweetest carrots of the year

    The sweetest carrots of the year

    We made it through another cold spell this past weekend with temps dipping into the upper 20’s again. This comes just three weeks after the deep freezes we experienced over Christmas weekend ( read about that here if you missed it ). We’re happy to report again this time that the crops made it through the weatherContinue reading “The sweetest carrots of the year”

  • Private Facebook Group – Little Pond Veggie Success!

    Private Facebook Group – Little Pond Veggie Success!

    Are you a member of our private Facebook Group for newsletter subscribers? If not, we encourage you to check it out. We have almost 500 group members sharing their veggie successes. Once you are accepted into the group, try out the “search” feature. Here are some examples of the posts you can find in theContinue reading “Private Facebook Group – Little Pond Veggie Success!”

  • Veggie Storage Guide

    Veggie Storage Guide

    Keep your veggies fresh longer with our Little Pond Farm Veggie Storage Guide. This is a one page printable guide that you can keep on your refrigerator as a reference. It will outline proper storage techniques for each of the vegetables we grow. With this resource, we hope to help you get the most lifeContinue reading “Veggie Storage Guide”

  • 4-week Simple Recipe Series

    4-week Simple Recipe Series

    We’re dropping a new resource to start off 2023: a four-week Simple Recipe Series. For four weeks, we will send you one recipe per week (sent on Thursday, ahead of the weekend). The recipes we will be sharing are for meals we have prepared in our own kitchen with our veggies for years. We come backContinue reading “4-week Simple Recipe Series”

  • All the veggies we grow (work in progress)

    All the veggies we grow (work in progress)

    This page is a work in progress. We’re working on uploading our library of veggie images and descriptions.

  • On the other side of the cold

    On the other side of the cold

    We hope this message finds you well following the holiday weekend. This morning, we are on the other side of the cold. We made it through four nights of freezing temperatures on the farm, with two of those nights being deep freezes with temps in the mid-twenties. We worked all of last week getting theContinue reading “On the other side of the cold”

  • Turmeric


    This golden root grows from a tropical broad leaf plant that looks a little like banana leaf and grows 4-6′ tall. Turmeric is in the ginger family and native to southeast Asia, which means our climate and similar altitude is perfect for this tropical beauty, which we plant in May and harvest beginning in October.Continue reading “Turmeric”

  • Open for the holidays!

    Open for the holidays!

    We are OPEN: We will be at Saturday Morning Market this weekend (24th – Christmas Eve), and next weekend (31st – New Years Eve). We hope to see you at the farmers market these last two weeks of the year. Bundle up this week, it’s going to be REALLY cold! We have an abundant harvest,Continue reading “Open for the holidays!”

  • New things ripening

    New things ripening

    Heirloom tomatoes are here, in a big way. Usually, the heirloom tomatoes slowly begin to ripen, a few pounds here and there for about a month until the harvest begins to roll in strong. That was not the case this year. Last week, we harvested the first tomato, and then…. we harvested hundreds of pounds.Continue reading “New things ripening”

  • Farmers market holiday gift ideas

    Farmers market holiday gift ideas

    We are feeling the gift-giving spirit and have been stocking up on special things for our family from the farmers market. There are so many one-of-a-kind foods, plants, and artisanal goods available at  Saturday Morning Market.  Here are some local food related gift you can find at the market:  Saturday Morning Market Gift Certificate   St.Continue reading “Farmers market holiday gift ideas”

  • Winter crops beginning to thrive

    Winter crops beginning to thrive

    We hope you are well as we enter December. The weather has been cool and foggy on the farm for multiple weeks now. We are mowing down things like cucumbers and squash as we head into cooler weather. We are planting many bulb crops for springtime, including: ranunculus, onions, tulips, and garlic. These veggies andContinue reading “Winter crops beginning to thrive”

  • Study on farmers market affordability

    Study on farmers market affordability

    Check this out: We’re excited to share an interesting study conducted by one of our farmer’s market shoppers, Sara. Sara took the time to conduct research on the cost of vegetables at the farmer’s market versus vegetables from her local grocery store. She was surprised by the results – the farmers market won in almost every category. CheckContinue reading “Study on farmers market affordability”

  • Meet us at the market

    Meet us at the market

    Have we met? We are Ellen and Cole, husband and wife team behind Little Pond Farm. We just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are the owners and farmers of Little Pond Farm, and the voices behind the posts here on the blog. You may have seen us around the farmers market – we attend eachContinue reading “Meet us at the market”

  • Plenty for a feast.

    Plenty for a feast.

    If you’re planning to have a local, organic thanksgiving this year, we thought it might be helpful to quickly let you know everything we will have in abundance this weekend at the market. This market is your chance to get everything you need to celebrate in the coming week. Holiday staples: green beans, butternut squash, sweetContinue reading “Plenty for a feast.”

  • Organic veggies and flowers return for the new season

    Organic veggies and flowers return for the new season

    It is the time of the year we have all been waiting for. The weather has cooled down, our supply of preserved veggies has dwindled, and it is time now to harvest again. We have worked for many months to prepare to bring this first harvest to the market. We are excited to harvest theContinue reading “Organic veggies and flowers return for the new season”

  • New to Little Pond? Start here

    New to Little Pond? Start here

    Who we are: We are Cole and Ellen Turner, husband and wife team, and owners of Little Pond Farm in Bushnell, Florida. Established in 2013, the farm is USDA Certified Organic which means we grow our crops without the usage of any synthetic chemicals or inputs, with soil-health as a focus and an emphasis onContinue reading “New to Little Pond? Start here”

  • First signs of fall

    First signs of fall

    Walking the fields on Monday checking the crops, we discovered a harbinger of fall – a sure sign that vegetable harvest is approaching. Pictured above, the first Roselle hibiscus flowers unfurled over the weekend. The flowering of Roselle hibsicus is triggered by the shortening daylight hours this time of year. First, the flowers bloom. WhenContinue reading “First signs of fall”

  • Growing…


    First – we got rain! If you read last week’s newsletter, you may remember it has been one month on the farm without any measurable rain. This is unseasonably dry weather. The lack of rain has made it more difficult for us to establish the first plantings of the season. It has been a challenge preparing theContinue reading “Growing…”

  • Planting


    This week we began planting into the field. We are filling up rows of crops an acre at a time, and anticipating a sea of green in a matter of weeks. We have had no measurable rain over the last month. This has made it very challenging to get the fields ready for planting. WithoutContinue reading “Planting”

  • The promise of seeds

    The promise of seeds

    The farm, soon, will be full of green. Seeds are beginning to sprout and grow into baby plants in the greenhouse. Soon, these baby plants will be ready to transplant into the fields. After that, it will only be a short time until harvest begins. In just 8 weeks, if all goes as planned, weContinue reading “The promise of seeds”

  • Summer is over…

    Summer is over…

    Our summer is ending. That may sound odd, but our “summer break” from growing ends at the beginning of August. Now, all of our careful plans for an abundant season will begin to take shape. We will begin sowing seeds in the greenhouse, getting ground prepped, and beginning the next growing cycle. We have beenContinue reading “Summer is over…”

  • Onward, with gratitude

    Onward, with gratitude

    The harvest season is now over!  The fields are all turned under and no crops remain. Our focus is shifting now to our summer work. We intend to continue sending newsletter updates throughout the summer. We want to thank all of our farm friends – whether you visit us occasionally, each week, or are justContinue reading “Onward, with gratitude”

  • Final days

    Final days

    The final days of the harvest season are here. We just have one final harvest before we shut things down for the summer. On the farm, we are mowing down the fields and getting crops turned under. We will get our cover-crop seeds sown over the next week or so. The green cover-crops will growContinue reading “Final days”

  • Throwback!


    Who remembers the beginning days of Little Pond Farm at the Saturday Morning Market? There we are in February of 2015 at the market. We are feeling reminiscent as we wrap up our 9th harvest season and begin plans for our 10th season of Little Pond Farm. When you shop with us, whether you’re trying toContinue reading “Throwback!”

  • Fields of flowers!

    Fields of flowers!

    We try to spread health, happiness and beauty into the world with our work. In addition to all of our organic vegetables, we know that flowers are promoters of health, being scientifically proven to be natural mood boosters. Flowers have an immediate impact on joy. And so we keep growing more… acres of them to beContinue reading “Fields of flowers!”

  • Make the harvest last

    Make the harvest last

    The time to soak up the organic seasonal abundance is NOW. There are five (yes, only five!) market days left for our harvest season (these next five weeks are some of the most abundant weeks of the whole season). We do not harvest any veggies from the farm from June through September. We all share the longing for fresh local vegetablesContinue reading “Make the harvest last”

  • Hi, it’s been a while

    Hi, it’s been a while

    Time flies. Our 35 week harvest season is just about two-thirds of the way through. The time is flying by – we have been busier than ever on the farm and raising a toddler. We have been quiet over email nearly the whole season! We’d like to share some of the best of what’s been happening at the farmContinue reading “Hi, it’s been a while”

  • Here we go!

    Here we go!

    In our break from writing a weekly newsletter, three months have now gone by on the farm. Though our harvest period is seasonal, the work does not stop on the farm when we aren’t at the market. During the summer, without crops to harvest, farming is a little different. We spend a great deal ofContinue reading “Here we go!”

  • This is it!

    This is it!

    The final week of our harvest season is here. With 34 weeks of abundant harvests behind us, we are ready to gather all that remains for one final week of veggie boxes and farmers market! For some, it is hard to believe that the end of the season is here, when crops are still so prolific,Continue reading “This is it!”

  • Two weeks

    Two weeks

    Lows in the 60’s and highs in the 80’s all week?! We’ll take it! That’s great farming weather, and it shows in the crops. Lettuce, in particular, is looking mighty fine for this time of year. We will enjoy this brief reprieve before super hot temps arrive next week. We are thankful for what will beContinue reading “Two weeks”

  • Three weeks

    Three weeks

    We made it through Mother’s Day! Mother’s Day week is always the busiest harvest week of the season at the farm – not only do we harvest the abundance of heavy springtime veggies, but add onto it twice as many flowers as a normal week on the farm. This year Mother’s Day week also coincided withContinue reading “Three weeks”

  • Sunflower fields forever

    Sunflower fields forever

    Just like that – now it is May. Our final month of harvesting for the year. With the warmth of springtime leading into summertime, this month we will experience a final bountiful harvest of vegetables as the plants in the fields continue to spring forth in abundance. A final exhale after a long season seemsContinue reading “Sunflower fields forever”

  • Farm update, April 28th, 2021

    Farm update, April 28th, 2021

    This week is our 31st week of bountiful harvests this season! With May just days away, we know the HOT and rainy weather of summertime is right ahead of us. We will enjoy these final 5 weeks of harvesting and eating fresh, vibrant food from the farm. We have already begun making tomato sauce andContinue reading “Farm update, April 28th, 2021”

  • Farm Update, April 14th 2021

    Farm Update, April 14th 2021

    Everyone’s favorite basils are back – we have Italian basil, Thai basil, and tulsi basil now! Our Italian basil is a perfect compliment to the prolific tomatoes we are harvesting now – pair them together in sandwiches, salads, or sauce. If you haven’t tried Thai basil before, pick some up from the market and tryContinue reading “Farm Update, April 14th 2021”

  • Farm Update, April 7th, 2021

    Farm Update, April 7th, 2021

    How many times this season have we said “it’s the most wonderful time of the year?” Peak harvest on our farm is from December through May. During those months – there are some periods where the gettin’ is really good. Now is one of those times. The cool nights are growing fewer, and soon weContinue reading “Farm Update, April 7th, 2021”

  • Cukes, zukes, garlic

    Cukes, zukes, garlic

    Last week we reported the first arrival of springtime crops like cucumbers and squash – and this week we can report that bountiful harvests of those items are here! We expect to harvest over half a ton of cucumbers and squash this week! Veggie box folks – you’ll be getting cucumbers and squash in your boxContinue reading “Cukes, zukes, garlic”

  • Farm update, March 24, 2021

    Farm update, March 24, 2021

    High season on the farm continues. Flowers are blooming, fruits are fruiting (strawberries, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, squashes, eggplants), root crops are still abundant, and the leafy green crops are large, and still very tender. This week we are harvesting the first of the springtime squashes and cucumbers. It’s nice to have these new flavors and texturesContinue reading “Farm update, March 24, 2021”

  • A week in photos, March 2021

    A week in photos, March 2021

    Here are a few moments from this week on the farm. Hopefully, this brightens up your inbox this morning.

  • Will this be the year?

    Will this be the year?

    Each year at the end of February, the weather begins warming, days are getting longer, and the crops start growing faster and faster. Then March comes and we expect to have one final disrupting frost (or freeze) for the season. We labor over all of our new spring-planted crops getting them covered for this final blow ofContinue reading “Will this be the year?”

  • Week 23 of the season

    Week 23 of the season

    Here are a few moments from this warm week on the farm – in photos.

  • Blooming


    Flowers are bursting into bloom across the farm – in greenhouses, in the fields, in the strawberry patch, little weeds in the pasture, and in the wild places on the farm. Carolina jessamine vine lines the fence leading down the driveway to the farm, and its prolific yellow February flowers cast a heavenly scent in the air. AllContinue reading “Blooming”

  • Our little one

    Our little one

    The farm is chugging right along, each lengthening day resulting in the exponential growth of crops. February is a time of abundance. This is our second week of higher temperatures, and the crops have loved the warm air. This week has also brought abundant moisture, perfect for establishing new plantings. Today we are planting theContinue reading “Our little one”

  • Coldest winter ever?

    Coldest winter ever?

    It’s hard to not write about the weather – this season has just been extraordinarily cold. We’ve discussed how the cold weather affects crops – sweeter greens and sweeter root crops. We’ve talked about how cold weather is beneficial for breaking up pest and weed cycles. I don’t think we’ve written about the work involved inContinue reading “Coldest winter ever?”

  • The sweet and the bitter

    The sweet and the bitter

    The brief stint of warm weather this week has been such a welcome change. Temps have reached into the 80’s this week. That warmth is enough to kick the strawberries into high gear – we see lots of red in the rows and a profusion of new blooms. We’re looking forward to a bountiful winter/springContinue reading “The sweet and the bitter”

  • Planting planting planting

    Planting planting planting

    Have you had our cabbage yet? We have had a bountiful cabbage year! And not just by chance, but because we planted a lot. As farmers, one thing we can do to counter times of uncertainty – whether it be weather or otherwise, is to just keep on planting – and plant a lot. InContinue reading “Planting planting planting”

  • This week on the farm, Jan 13, 2021

    This week on the farm, Jan 13, 2021

    Winter has really settled in over the farm. Though we continue harvesting warm-season crops like eggplant, tomatoes, beans, and much more through the coldest days – this week the stark changes to the landscape around us really sunk in. The cypress trees at the back of the farm are all bare, the pastures around us forContinue reading “This week on the farm, Jan 13, 2021”

  • Busy days of winter

    Busy days of winter

    Some of our busiest days of the season are here! Each week is a balancing act – seeding hundreds of trays of new crops, planting tens of rows of transplants, tending greenhouse and field crops, covering for frost when needed, irrigating, mowing, flipping beds, and harvesting like crazy. We are harvesting a lovely diversity ofContinue reading “Busy days of winter”