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Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct relationship between a community and their farmers which involves an upfront commitment of the member to purchase goods and a commitment of the farmers to grow for that member and their community. This upfront payment allows for a portion of the farm’s start-of-season operating costs to be shared by the farm members. In return for their early commitment to the farm, members receive a Farm Card with bonus funds and the complete flexibility to shop for whatever they want anytime during the 34 week harvest season.

Farm Card 


Farm members receive a Farm Card, loaded at the start of the season with your original funds plus an additional 10%-12% spending credit for your commitment. Members that signup early (before June 1st) receive an increased 12% spending credit over the purchased amount. Farm Cards can be used on all of our organic vegetables and flowers at our weekly farmers market in St. Petersburg, the Saturday Morning Market, from October 2022 through May 2023 (a total of 34 dates). Farm Cards are valid through the growing season only, and funds will not carry into the next season.

What it costs: The Farm Card membership costs $400 minimum for the full season, and is loaded with $440 (or $448 spending credit for early-birds). You may choose to reload your card in increments of $100 at any time during the season, with a 10% bonus credit applied ($110 will be loaded).

Maximize Your Savings with Early-bird Bonus Credits.

All members that sign up before June 1st will automatically receive a total of 12% bonus credits on their card (an increase over the standard 10%). Additionally, early-signup members can add extra funds to their initial purchase at checkout and take advantage of the 12% bonus credit on all extra funds. If additional funds are added later in the season, they will be added at the regular 10% bonus credit. The more you commit upfront, the more you will save.


Early-bird discount enrollment ends June 1st. Regular Enrollment ends September 1st. No new members are accepted following that date until the next season.

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By purchasing a Farm Card you agree to the terms.


Thoughts From Our Members

“As one of Little Pond Farm’s first CSA members, I have watched Ellen & Cole’s dedication to improvement and loyalty to the best growing practices. Their soil is the key to our good health! Cole & Ellen’s produce tastes amazing.  If you are looking for a farm that will take the stress away in safely feeding your family with the most nutrient-dense local produce, combined with a transparent yet friendly small-farm feel, look no further.” – Chip Abrahamsen, member since 2015

“As a Mom and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, it is extremely important that I feed my family the very best food we can. Little Pond Farm is that blessing for our family, and our community. They have shown respect in growing organically in a way that requires no pesticides. Consequentially, the produce is rich in nutrients and flavor. The variety is amazing, so we never get bored. We love Little Pond Farm!” -Mandy and Jim Blume, members since 2015

“Little Pond has simply been a joy for me! Cole and Ellen simply bring us the best produce each week. The variety of the options is incredible. And they continue to get better year over year. This year’s heirloom tomatoes were simply divine – and to quote a dear friend of mine, “These tomatoes taste like tomatoes are supposed to taste!” When I asked Ellen how she created such an incredible product, her answer was “A little science and a little magic.” I’m so lucky to get to experience the joy of Little Pond’s magic each year.” -Ingrid Lindberg, member since 2016

“Joining the Little Pond Farm CSA program has literally revolutionized the way we eat and enjoy food, and knowing that we’re supporting incredible local farmers is just the strawberry (so to speak) on top. Thanks to Little Pond’s CSA, my family has gotten out of our veggie buying rut and we’ve been exposed to a wide variety of veggies. Joining the CSA program has also allowed our family to enjoy organic produce on a regular basis, something that has become a priority for us but can be difficult to make work on a budget. Since the produce is so incredibly fresh, it stays fresh in my fridge for much longer– making our dollar go even further.” -Kristin Marr, Member since 2017

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By purchasing a Farm Card you agree to the terms.