Transform your life with Farm Membership

If you value shopping local, eating organic, and seeking the freshest, most nutrient dense food available, we invite you to explore Farm Membership.

This is your chance to lean into what’s important to you, continue shopping at the market like you normally do (with Farm Card in hand!), and also save money on veggies and flowers for the whole season.

This year, our members have shared with us some of the key changes to their lives after becoming a Farm Member:

“It has revolutionized the way our family thinks about and treats food. Knowing the people who have grown the food and picking it out each week at the market is truly transformative.”

“The membership helps us stay committed to better eating and shopping local.”

“Now, we eat more diverse veggies and herbs!”

“Going to the market to get our veggies from Little Pond has become a fun family ritual for us.”

“I’ve become accustomed to beautiful, consciously grown food.”

“The membership encourages me to buy delicious, quality produce and plan meals around these vegetables.”

“I have learned how to cook a much wider variety of veggies in delicious ways.”

“It’s helped us eat better and helped with our grocery budget.”

“We’ve started pickling, making sauces and drying herbs because we visit the market every week. It’s generated a whole new way for family time.”

Learn more and become a member here.

All the best,

Ellen and Cole

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