Magic was everywhere

That’s a wrap! Our long and beautiful Florida harvest season has come to a close.

Vegetables were abundant, flowers were floriferous, recipes were shared, friendships were nurtured, machines were broken and fixed, there was hail, there was drought, magic was everywhere.

Our amazing farm team at the last farmers market of the season: Orion, Leo, Bethanne, Dannel, Tori, Shan, Charlene, Justin, Cynthia, and us. Plus, not pictured: Juan, Felix, Jesus, Angie, Derrick, Mike, Shyann, Erich, and Rachel – all these folks worked so hard this season growing vegetables and getting them out into the world at the market. Love y’all!

As we turn the page on this 10 year milestone of growing organic vegetables and flowers for the Tampa Bay Area, we’re reflecting on what farms can do.

Farms can produce abundant food for hundreds of people without the use of harmful chemicals and destructive practices. Farms can fit well into the surrounding ecosystem with minimal disruption to wildlife and contamination to natural resources. Farms can create good jobs – working outside in the elements, doing meaningful work. Farms can connect people – through food, at the farmers market, and by sharing. Farms can and should be organic – and should strive to protect our home and care for our people.

Here on this land, upon which we have now walked thousands of miles and planted millions of plants, we are honored to have produced an abundant crop for so many years. But most of all we’re lucky to have been able to share it widely!

As we turn under this season, and before we begin preparations for the next one, we want to say thank you for being a part of this farm. And for your support this season at the farmers market. We believe there is something special here to keep cultivating. We couldn’t do it without you.

Ellen and Cole

Summer cover-crop seed is sprouting. This is a cowpea sprout.

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