Turning earth

Just a quick update. After a couple of months preparing for the season to come, it is time now that we begin sowing seeds and turning the earth to begin the process of planting for the season.

At the beginning of summer, we received just enough rain to germinate our cover crops. Since then, the cover crops have grown well, covering the fields, despite mostly dry weather through June and July. Towards the end of July, heavy rains began here, which has provided adequate soil moisture to begin turning under the cover crops, exposing the healthy soil below.

August is also the last month of enrollment for Farm Membership. So if you haven’t joined yet, ​you can do so here​. If you have already joined us – we welcome you! We see each new enrollment come through our inbox, and each time it fills us with joy and excitement to dedicate a growing season to many new and returning families. Thank you.

We will be thinking of all of you over the next several weeks as we begin the planting process. Soon enough, we will be ready to gather the first harvest, and drive it down to downtown St. Pete.

Until then, we will be here on the farm preparing ground, sowing seeds, and tucking in seedlings into the soil. All the while, we will be thinking of all of our friends from the farmers market. We will provide updates along the way, and will look forward to seeing you in the fall!

All the best,

Ellen and Cole

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