Planting and getting ready

We are hard at work planting and getting ready for the approaching season!

This time of year, we are full of excitement in anticipation. As we sow the seeds for the season to come, we are full of hope of a delicious, plentiful harvest to share. We spend our days planting tiny plants into open field and moving water. We eagerly watch them grow, quickly in the heat, as the weeks become fewer before our first harvest.

So… soon! there will be organic vegetables and flowers again. We will harvest them, load up, and drive down to St. Pete to see all of our friends at the opening day of Saturday Morning Market on October 7th. Until then, we will keep on planting.

More soon,

Ellen and Cole

P.S. We extended the deadline for Farm Membership enrollment through Monday Sept 4th due to the hurricane. So, Monday will be the deadline to join. ​Read about membership and join here.​

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