Using herbs for “spice cubes”

We want to introduce you to one of our favorite ways to use fresh herbs.

We have named it “spice cubes.” It’s a strange name but it gets the point across – freezing herbs in ice cube trays.

Here are the details:

Spice cubes: Freeze your favorite herbs in an ice cube tray with a combination of liquids/oils, for usage in flavoring future meals. Mix the herb (basil works very well for this) with the liquid/oil in a blender, pour into ice cube tray and freeze. Pop the frozen cubes out of the ice tray and store in a plastic bag or jars in the freezer. You can get really creative with this technique with different liquids/oils and the different herb varieties, and different liquid/oil to herb ratios.

Here are a few suggestions: Thai basil and coconut oil, tulsi basil and coconut oil, Italian basil and olive oil, savory herbs blend (sage, thyme, oregano) with olive oil. These cubes are perfect as the base of future meals, just melt one or two cubes in a pan before getting your meal going.

Why are we sharing this now?

First, we love herbs. Fresh herbs from the farmers market are the best way to purchase herbs because they’re extremely fresh (a requirement for best flavor!), and the bunches are much larger than herb packs from the grocery store. The big bunches often leave folks with extra herbs, so spice cubes are a great way to preserve the rest. We’re also sharing this because there are only 6 weeks left of the harvest season. We will be bringing extra herbs each week in order to have enough for everyone preparing their dried or frozen herbs for the summertime off-season.

Other ways to make your herbs go farther:

This “spice cube” recommendation comes straight out of our “ make the harvest last ” blog post. For more ideas and methods to save your herbs (and lots of other veggies) check out that blog post on our website.

Read “Make the Harvest Last”

We hope this helps!

See you at the market,

Ellen and Cole

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