Hail, Wind, Rain, Watermelon

Did you see photos of all the hail in Central Florida last week? We were on an outer band, and did receive hail for about one minute. Plus the wind and rain, the crops have been put through the stress test over the last week. See below pictures of the fallout! (Lettuce shredded, sunflowers fallen, zucchini scarred by hail) However – worry not, the crops grow so quickly when it’s warm out. Everything will be perfect for harvesting again for this weekend. Despite the hail storm, we are grateful for the moisture the rain brought, after many very dry months.

We are now in our final month of the season, with just four more weeks of harvest. We will have a wonderful abundance of organic food and flowers these last four weeks. The weather has been kind to us, and the crops are thriving and as plentiful as ever. New to the harvest is butternut squash, and starting this weekend we will have the first watermelons! Plus lately, the tomatoes and peppers have been out-of-this-world good.

In case you missed it, here is the link to our blog post about preserving the harvest, if you are interested in keeping some veggies well into the summertime off-season. No canning, or fancy equipment necessary.

We are gearing up for our big Mother’s Day flower harvest next week (Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14th). We always go all-out with flowers for this celebration. We love displaying all of the flowers we have grown at the market for this one special weekend. It’s always a spectacle! Come see us Saturday the 13th for your Mother’s Day flowers.

And that’s the update from the farm this week!

See you at the market,

Ellen and Cole

P.S. Farm Membership enrollment for next season will open on May 18th. Early-bird enrollment (your chance to get the best price) will last for two weeks (ending June 1st). If you’re considering membership for next season, you can read the details here.

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