Flowers, everywhere

The main story this week is FLOWERS! 

It’s “Mother’s Week,” with Mother’s Day ahead of us this weekend. 

Mothers day is this Sunday.

Flowers are simply everywhere.

Find our Mother’s Day flowers this weekend at Satuday Morning Market in St. Pete, FL.

We will have a resplendent offering of flowers this weekend at the farmers market.

The classic Little Pond Mother’s Day gift is combining 3 or 6 bunches of our flowers, mixing and combining them into a giant, sumptuous, overflowing bouquet of local organic flowers. Moms go wild for that! 

Your opportunity to create magic with these magnificent flowers is THIS SATURDAY at the farmers market. We will be turning the parking lot into an avenue of flowers to explore and delight in.

Picking up flowers for yourself and the mother figures in your life this weekend is a guaranteed way to spread great joy. We would be humbled to play a small part in spreading that love.

It’s worth celebrating. 


Ellen and Cole and the Little Pond Farm team

We’re hard at work getting all these flowers harvested! Enjoy some photos of the flower-filled week below.

P.S. All of our flowers are USDA certified organic, just like our vegetables. This means they are safe to smell, touch and bring into your home without carrying harmful chemicals on their petals. Organic flowers are the best flowers!

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