Early-enrollment begins. Why sign up early?

Membership enrollment for next season has begun! If you’re ready to take your love of fresh, local, organic food to the next level, Farm Membership provides your opportunity to level-up! How it works: Farm Members signup for membership ahead of the new season. Your early commitment earns you 10%-12% bonus funds added to a FarmContinue reading “Early-enrollment begins. Why sign up early?”

[Video] How to make a farmers market bouquet, with Ellen!

How to make a Mother’s Day bouquet with local organic farm flowers from Little Pond Farm! Watch Ellen create several bouquets from 6 bunches of farmer’s market flowers. We will have flowers for you this Saturday at the farmers market in St. Pete, FL! Stroll through and get creative. See you Saturday ❤️

Using herbs for “spice cubes”

We want to introduce you to one of our favorite ways to use fresh herbs. We have named it “spice cubes.” It’s a strange name but it gets the point across – freezing herbs in ice cube trays. Here are the details: Spice cubes: Freeze your favorite herbs in an ice cube tray with aContinue reading “Using herbs for “spice cubes””

CSA Week – What is CSA?

This week (week of February 20th) is National CSA Week – a week where CSA farms across the country have agreed to promote the values of CSA. But first – what is CSA? CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. Our farm utilizes this approach. Allow us to explain: CSA is a model where a farm acceptsContinue reading “CSA Week – What is CSA?”

Private Facebook Group – Little Pond Veggie Success!

Are you a member of our private Facebook Group for newsletter subscribers? If not, we encourage you to check it out. We have almost 500 group members sharing their veggie successes. Once you are accepted into the group, try out the “search” feature. Here are some examples of the posts you can find in theContinue reading “Private Facebook Group – Little Pond Veggie Success!”

4-week Simple Recipe Series

We’re dropping a new resource to start off 2023: a four-week Simple Recipe Series. For four weeks, we will send you one recipe per week (sent on Thursday, ahead of the weekend). The recipes we will be sharing are for meals we have prepared in our own kitchen with our veggies for years. We come backContinue reading “4-week Simple Recipe Series”