The sweetest carrots of the year

We made it through another cold spell this past weekend with temps dipping into the upper 20’s again. This comes just three weeks after the deep freezes we experienced over Christmas weekend ( read about that here if you missed it ). We’re happy to report again this time that the crops made it through the weatherContinue reading “The sweetest carrots of the year”

On the other side of the cold

We hope this message finds you well following the holiday weekend. This morning, we are on the other side of the cold. We made it through four nights of freezing temperatures on the farm, with two of those nights being deep freezes with temps in the mid-twenties. We worked all of last week getting theContinue reading “On the other side of the cold”

Winter crops beginning to thrive

We hope you are well as we enter December. The weather has been cool and foggy on the farm for multiple weeks now. We are mowing down things like cucumbers and squash as we head into cooler weather. We are planting many bulb crops for springtime, including: ranunculus, onions, tulips, and garlic. These veggies andContinue reading “Winter crops beginning to thrive”

Organic veggies and flowers return for the new season

It is the time of the year we have all been waiting for. The weather has cooled down, our supply of preserved veggies has dwindled, and it is time now to harvest again. We have worked for many months to prepare to bring this first harvest to the market. We are excited to harvest theContinue reading “Organic veggies and flowers return for the new season”

First signs of fall

Walking the fields on Monday checking the crops, we discovered a harbinger of fall – a sure sign that vegetable harvest is approaching. Pictured above, the first Roselle hibiscus flowers unfurled over the weekend. The flowering of Roselle hibsicus is triggered by the shortening daylight hours this time of year. First, the flowers bloom. WhenContinue reading “First signs of fall”