Private Facebook Group – Little Pond Veggie Success!

Are you a member of our private Facebook Group for newsletter subscribers? If not, we encourage you to check it out. We have almost 500 group members sharing their veggie successes. Once you are accepted into the group, try out the “search” feature.

Here are some examples of the posts you can find in the group:

If you find that you have tons of eggplant, or tons of peppers on your hands, or aren’t sure how to use the last bit of lacinato kale from your giant bunch, head to the group and search “eggplant” “peppers” or “kale.” You will be inspired by the ways our community have prepared their veggies.

If you have a “veggie win,” we encourage you to spread the love and make a post in the group. Share your win with a photo and a description, or a recipe. No professional photos needed – the group will cheer you on!

Request access to the group here:

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