Here we go!

In our break from writing a weekly newsletter, three months have now gone by on the farm. Though our harvest period is seasonal, the work does not stop on the farm when we aren’t at the market. During the summer, without crops to harvest, farming is a little different. We spend a great deal of time carefully planning the harvest season ahead of us – filling our array of spreadsheets, completing seed and supply inventory and orders, sifting through records from seasons-prior to inform decisions for the next 12 months and beyond, participating in our yearly organic certification audit and inspection of the farm and its facilities, among other things.

And when the weather is fine, we are maintaining a growing fleet of equipment, building new farm tools, improving existing systems and infrastructure for the season ahead. And before we know it, we are seeding new crops, prepping new ground, and tucking the first plants into the soil. Many months of careful planning begin to take on their physical form on the land. Our environment begins to fill up with green.

As we gear up to the harvest season, we anticipate the arrival of bountiful crops in October. We thought we would take this opportunity to share some photos from the summer, and views of what is to come from the fields. The long-awaited return of local, organic vegetables is near!

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

All the best,
Ellen & Cole

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