Busy days of winter

Some of our busiest days of the season are here! Each week is a balancing act – seeding hundreds of trays of new crops, planting tens of rows of transplants, tending greenhouse and field crops, covering for frost when needed, irrigating, mowing, flipping beds, and harvesting like crazy. We are harvesting a lovely diversity of crops, and staying very busy. Many hands make light work, and working quickly keeps us warm during the cold days of winter.

In the short days of January, our “spring” flower season slowly begins in the greenhouses – beginning first with ranunculus and anemones, soon making way for snapdragons and larkspur, later tulips, poppies, delphinium, campanula, and more. These are some of the most beautiful, longest-lasting, fragrant, and ethereal flowers we grow. They thrive in the brief moment between winter and spring when the weather is just cool enough for them to bloom in profusion. Due to the uncertainty of the season many months ago, we planted many of these spring bloomers a little bit later than normal, so expect a slower start than normal years – but abundance towards the end of this month. Some of these flowers are already making their way to the farmers market and in “farmer’s choice” pre-order bunches, and will soon be available for individual bunch pre-order on the website. We wait all year for these blooms!

Ellen and Cole

Red turmeric! Abundant now. Perfectly warming in any dish during the winter. Have you tried golden milk?

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