Happy New Year!

We made it through two freezes over the weekend at the farm – between Saturday and Sunday night we received many hours of sub-freezing temperatures, bottoming out both nights at 28 degrees! All of our crops were protected and made it through just fine. We can appreciate winter freezes like this one for a few reasons – breaking up pest and weed cycles and improving the flavor of leafy greens and root crops.

It’s hard to believe the year is now over. Each ending year provides us with an opportunity to look back at the cycle we are finishing. Though we are in the middle of a growing season, it helps to pause now and look back at what went right, what could improve, revisit long-term and short-term goals, and gather inspiration for the longer days ahead. This year, we surely have been thrown some curveballs. Collectively, everyone has faced challenges – some small, many significant. We feel very fortunate to have had a healthy year, abundant vegetables, and a strong community. We thank you for being by our side!

Ellen and Cole

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