Lately, it feels like all we can talk about and think about is the weather. This December has truly given us a run for our money! We have had to cover the farm in frost cloth every week of this month, and that trend continues this week as we approach the coldest days of this season. We will be receiving long-lasting temperatures in the 30s on Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night as 2020 blows one final exhale of cold weather onto our farm. This will be the most significant cold we have received yet this season, and our preparations will begin this afternoon on the farm.

View of the field with frost cloth and hoops in place ready to cover again. Lettuces, cauliflower and more.

Despite the weather and Christmas at the end of the week, farming continues, and we will be loaded up leaving the farm on a freezing Saturday morning and heading to St. Pete. If you need some post-holiday warmth, and fresh veggies to carry you into the new year, plan to stop by the market. 

Ellen and Cole

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