Through the freeze

**This post is from 2020 and contains COVID-19 veggie distribution details that are no longer applicable.**

There we go – we made it through the first freezing night of the season. Air temperatures were in the 30s from 8 pm last night, reaching freezing temperatures at 4 am until sunrise.

We spent the last several days at the farm getting the fields and greenhouses prepared for these temperature drops. We can use row covers, greenhouse heaters, and special irrigation techniques to keep cold-sensitive plants at an ideal temperature. On our field walk this morning, among many frozen cabbages, carrot tops, and other cold-tolerant varieties, we found that our sensitive crops happily made it through the cold under their covers.

This shift in the season means we will be playing this dance with frosty weather for the next several months – we may go weeks at a time with no cold weather, but must be prepared for dips into freezing from December through the end of March. For the crops, this means root crops and green crops like carrots and kale will gain the winter-sweetness that these cold temperatures bring on. We will also look forward to crops that come into their prime in the cold months – cauliflower, strawberries, spinach, and more. While lighting greenhouse heaters last night, we discovered the first ripe heirloom tomato. Lots coming soon!

Many have asked us when we plan to return to the farmer’s market. With caution and lots of extra care, we will be reopening our booth at the farmers market beginning this Saturday. If you have been eagerly awaiting this return, please come visit us there from 9am-2pm. As you may know, masks are required at all locations within the farmers market. Our booth will be different than in the past as we work to develop one-way traffic and build distance into the design. Crops will be limited at first, and as time goes on and conditions change, we will continue to expand this sales environment.

With that said – veggie boxes and drive-thru or walk-up pickup are here to stay. Veggie boxes will remain our primary method of veggie sales. We strongly encourage you to support the online store and reserve your veggie boxes each week, as this will still be our primary method of veggie sales for the indefinite future.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the drive-thru or the limited market this weekend. Thank you for your committed support!

Your farmers,
Ellen and Cole

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