Responsibilities of being a farmer

One of the biggest responsibilities we have as farmers is to protect our crops from unfavorable weather conditions. With hurricane season officially ending early next week, we turn our attention to a different type of forecasting – temperature. Sure we have the tools to mitigate temperature-related crop damage like frost cloth for cold and natural foliar clay sprays for heat. But just like with hurricane season, the main challenge is making the call – how likely is a weather event to produce damage and does it warrant a full day of work from the crew to protect the crops or not? We lean towards not taking risks and have learned to watch out for the perfect storm – checking our on-site weather station readings and weather predictions for dew point, wind speed, cloud cover, etc.

The fall months are some of the best growing conditions for vegetable crops that we experience all year – but with temperatures trending lower each month through winter, we expect to deal with frosts. Early next week we will see dips in temperature down to the forties on the farm. The first big forecasted temperature drop of the season kicks us into high gear to make sure the fields and crops are ready for the inevitable future frosts of wintertime. We have experienced frost as early as November 1st (though rare) in past years on the farm. We typically plan to be tucking crops under frost cloth for the first time sometime in December. The risk of frost lasts from then through March. 

We remember the beginning years when we lost whole greenhouses filled with tomatoes to frost when not adequately protected. We’re thankful for all the hard lessons we have learned that give us confidence now. In a year with many twists and turns thus far, and a baby on the way, we plan to navigate these frosty months without issue!

We want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving this week. We are eternally grateful to all of you who show up and choose local organic food from our farm. We thank you for supporting us with gusto! You keep us motivated, and very busy. We know veggie boxes are a big commitment, to eat with the season and with an unplanned menu, and we genuinely thank you for making local agriculture, freshness, flavor, and your health a priority. We are thankful for you.

Your farmers,
Ellen and Cole

PS: We love these sweet words from a farm member – we love being inspired by the crops, too!

“Opening the box and seeing the bounty is visually beautiful and also made us be creative in what we prepared and served. In a world where the days were really blending together, one indistinguishable from the last, the veggie boxes were the best possible surprise.” Cynthia Zygadlo, LPF farm member

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