Weathering the storm

After the models shifted overnight and the projected path of tropical storm winds inched closer to the farm, we spent our day preparing for the oncoming tropical storm Eta. Wednesday is usually a planting day, spent filling new rows with thousands of new baby plants. With the upcoming rain and wind, it didn’t make sense for us to plant anything that might get washed away overnight. Instead, we spent the majority of the day securing farm infrastructure, greenhouses, and crop rows to mitigate damage.

When we expect winds over 40 mph we either need to remove roof plastic from the greenhouses or seal them up tightly on all sides. At this time of year when they are fully planted with winter and spring crops, we choose to seal them tightly to keep the damaging wind out.

We did all we could do to keep everything safe – now we hunker down and hope for the best as the conditions worsen for us this evening. At this time it doesn’t seem like the weather will be too bad, but we always prepare for the worst. Tomorrow, as conditions improve, we will keep on planting! Photos of our preparations are at the bottom of this post.

We expect clear weather by the end of the week, and come what may – we always continue to harvest.

Ellen and Cole

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