Nearly winter

**This post is from 2020 and contains COVID-19 veggie distribution details that are no longer applicable.**

This week has already brought us two more frosty nights on the farm. We continue to protect our tender crops like peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and more to continue a bountiful harvest through the winter and into springtime. The cold-tolerant crops like kale, collard greens, carrots, radishes, cabbage, and more benefit from the cool weather with enhanced flavor. We look forward to the cold months where carrots become as sweet as candy, and kale is extra delicious raw straight off the plant! You will notice a milder, sweeter taste to all the lettuces as well.

Our harvest of heirloom tomatoes and strawberries has slowly begun. We expect to have them available in a couple of weeks. With all the cold weather, this will be our final week of harvest from the roselle hibiscus – we have had a bountiful harvest of the calyxes this year.

Last weekend we resumed our participation in the Saturday Morning Market, with extra caution and care. If you have been eagerly awaiting this return, please come visit us there from 9am-2pm. As you may know, masks are required at all locations within the farmers market. Our booth is different than normal, but we are there to safely serve you. As time goes on and conditions change, we will continue to expand this sales environment.

With that said – veggie boxes and drive-thru or walk-up pickup are here to stay. Veggie boxes will remain our primary method of veggie sales!! We strongly encourage you to support the online store and reserve your veggie boxes each week, as this will still be our primary method of veggie sales for the remainder of the season.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the drive-thru or the limited market this weekend. Thank you for your committed support!

Your farmers,
Ellen and Cole

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