Winter crops beginning to thrive

We hope you are well as we enter December. The weather has been cool and foggy on the farm for multiple weeks now. We are mowing down things like cucumbers and squash as we head into cooler weather. We are planting many bulb crops for springtime, including: ranunculus, onions, tulips, and garlic. These veggies and flowers will produce roots and foliage through this cold dark period, and be ready to harvest on the flip-side in the new year (ranunculus and onions in January, tulips in February, and fresh garlic beginning in March). Many winter crops are beginning to thrive like carrots, cauliflower, fennel, leeks, and more! We have all of those items in abundance plus so many more. We are beginning to harvest luscious sweet peppers and tomatoes from our greenhouses, where they will produce all winter long for us, with a little protection from cold extremes. It has been an incredibly abundant season for vegetables, and our future harvests look very promising. Come check out what we have available now as we enter prime growing season.

Check this out: We’re excited to share an interesting study conducted by one of our farmer’s market shoppers, Sara. Sara took the time to conduct research on the cost of vegetables at the farmer’s market versus vegetables from her local grocery store. She was surprised by the results – the farmers market won in almost every category. Check out Sara’s research and blog post here. It is a quick read. Thanks Sara!

See you soon at the farmers market!

Take care,

Ellen and Cole

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