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Have we met? We are Ellen and Cole, husband and wife team behind Little Pond Farm. We just wanted to introduce ourselves. We are the owners and farmers of Little Pond Farm, and the voices behind the posts here on the blog. You may have seen us around the farmers market – we attend each week alongside our wonderful team. If you see us around – please say hi (we’re always wearing name-tags). We love meeting new people, and would love to begin a friendship with each of you.

A little bit about us:

Together, we founded Little Pond Farm in 2013 on 26 acres in Bushnell, FL. Our mission is to grow a diversity of organic vegetables in a sustainable way, for an accessible price. We want to connect directly with our community face to face. We endeavor to create a farm that does no harm, a place where people, plants, and wildlife can thrive while producing an abundance of organic crops. We are certified organic, and we are now in our 10th year of operation. The farm is small but mighty – in fact, we are the largest producer of certified organic mixed specialty cut flowers in the state of Florida. We hope to make a difference in the world by offering a healthy alternative to conventional ways of producing and consuming food and flowers.

Ellen holds her masters degree in conservation biology, and Cole brings a background in horticulture. Together with a small and talented team, we grow organic veggies and flowers nearly year round (for harvest October through May).

In February of 2021 we welcomed a daughter into the world. Thus, we are busier than ever now. Even so, we do the best we can to post updates as frequently as possible to keep folks updated on what’s in season, what’s new on the farm, recipes, helpful information, and a new set of guides we are are creating.

We hope to see you soon at the farmers market.

All the best,

Ellen and Cole

PS – Speaking of guides, have you seen our Little Pond Farm Veggie Storage Guide? If not, here is a link to get it:  Download the Veggie Storage Guide 

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