Two weeks

Lows in the 60’s and highs in the 80’s all week?! We’ll take it! That’s great farming weather, and it shows in the crops. Lettuce, in particular, is looking mighty fine for this time of year. We will enjoy this brief reprieve before super hot temps arrive next week. We are thankful for what will be another week of very bountiful crops.

With just two weeks left of the season, we are beginning to preserve and squirrel away food for ourselves for the summer off-season We have basil, rosemary, and hot peppers hung up all around the house drying for summer seasoning, we are chopping onions to freeze, slicing sweet peppers to freeze. We are hoarding butternut squashes and sweet potatoes in our cabinets to store for the next couple of months. We are bagging up root crops like carrots and beets which will last for a month or two (if tops are removed and sealed tightly in bags or tupperware).

Our private Facebook group, Little Pond Veggie Success, is full of ideas for quick and delicious meals, and we are now beginning to discuss how to save the harvest for the months ahead without fresh, local, organic produce available. This group is now open for all of our newsletter subscribers to join – we invite you to join us! We are over 400 group members strong, so the search feature is particularly useful to find some amazing treasures from past posts.

Don’t miss us these final two weeks of the season!

Ellen and Cole

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