Farm update, April 28th, 2021

This week is our 31st week of bountiful harvests this season! With May just days away, we know the HOT and rainy weather of summertime is right ahead of us. We will enjoy these final 5 weeks of harvesting and eating fresh, vibrant food from the farm. We have already begun making tomato sauce and freezing things like beans and peppers for summer meals. Be on the lookout at the market for some hot deals over the next month. Whether or not you plan to stock up for the off-season, at least plan to savor these spring/summer flavors while they are still prolific! (For those of you new to the area or our farm – our off-season is June-September – no fresh veggies are available from our farm during that time).

This week on the farm we got the last bit of garlic cleaned up and ready to go. Our week off from the market was just enough time for the garlic to cure – so look out for dried, cured garlic starting this weekend at the market.

We have begun clearing the fields and working the ground where we can. The fields are still full of prolific rows of crops, but as some things start to wind down we can begin to turn the fields over row by row getting ready for the summer cover crops.

One of the crops we turned under this week was the strawberries – the excessive rain we received last week combined with the oncoming heat was enough to wrap the strawberry season up quickly on the farm. We will miss eating them, but that is how seasonal food works. It will be a long wait until we can enjoy them again in late December.

Sweet peppers are really hitting a springtime high – we are rejoicing at the flavor and abundance! Expect delicious colorful peppers in veggie boxes this week, as well as a bounty to be had at the farmers market. Plus everyone’s favorite purple bell peppers. And shishitos! And hot peppers!

If there is one message I can convey through this short update it is this – you won’t regret purchasing a veggie box or visiting us at the farmers market this weekend. We love to feed people, so when the crops are as good as they are right now, we want to ensure they make it into your homes and your bellies. I haven’t even mentioned how amazing the heirloom tomatoes are right now. Just come see! Ok?

Ellen and Cole

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