Farm Update, April 14th 2021

Everyone’s favorite basils are back – we have Italian basil, Thai basil, and tulsi basil now! Our Italian basil is a perfect compliment to the prolific tomatoes we are harvesting now – pair them together in sandwiches, salads, or sauce. If you haven’t tried Thai basil before, pick some up from the market and try it in curries or other savory dishes. Tulsi basil (also known as sacred or holy basil) is delicious in a soothing tea. All of our basils dry and freeze well, so start stocking up now for the summer off-season!

After this weekend, there will just be 6 weeks left of the harvest season. Time flies! Now is one of the best times to shop for organic produce with us – all the veggies are ripe and bursting with flavor – greens are big, tender, and delicious, and some items will begin to go out of season soon. This is a great time to start freezing, canning, drying, and otherwise preserving food for the summertime months when we are not producing fresh organic veggies. When we eat fresh, local, organic veggies directly from the farm, it just feels so good. Let’s savor these final plentiful weeks together!


Ellen and Cole

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