Will this be the year?

Each year at the end of February, the weather begins warming, days are getting longer, and the crops start growing faster and faster. Then March comes and we expect to have one final disrupting frost (or freeze) for the season. We labor over all of our new spring-planted crops getting them covered for this final blow of winter before we can uncover everything and finally call it spring! So far there has been no weather in the 30’s this month, and the 10-day forecast suggests that will continue. This year looks like it might be the year where we evade the March frost. We will joyfully utilize the time that would otherwise be spent laboring over frost materials to keep planting with fervor, tending crops, and harvesting like crazy. This week brings us the return of our beloved sunflowers, just enough to bring to the farmer’s market. Welcome back, sunshine!

Sunflowers are back.

Carrots are in abundance now! LOTS of them! We planted more carrots than ever this year, including a trial of many new rainbow colors (if they make the cut, they’ll be added to our custom rainbow carrot mix for years to come). Carrots have been included in the last two weeks of veggie boxes and will continue this week. Beets are abundant too, and will continue to show up periodically in the veggie boxes, and will be available weekly at the farmers market for a while longer.

Field work

Tomatoes have been incredibly abundant the last few weeks, too. We have a large amount of slicer red tomatoes, heirloom tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes right now and for weeks to come. We will continue including these in veggie boxes, and of course a full spread available at the market.

Arugula growing

If it’s been some time since you’ve visited us at the market, now is a wonderfully abundant time for eating seasonally! The crops are diverse this time of year, and flavor is exceptional in the springtime. It feels so good to have a fridge stocked with local, healthful, delicious bounty.

Ellen and Cole

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