This week we began planting into the field. We are filling up rows of crops an acre at a time, and anticipating a sea of green in a matter of weeks.

We have had no measurable rain over the last month. This has made it very challenging to get the fields ready for planting. Without adequate soil moisture, the cover crops are unable to breakdown quickly in the soil, leaving lots of plant material in the way of forming new beds for planting. For the first time ever, we are constructing overhead irrigation over large areas of the fields so we can get water in large quantities to the areas we need to plant so that we can stay on schedule.

Despite the lack of rain, the crops that we are planting are growing fast and strong. 

We are growing eager to share an abundant harvest, and are thinking about all of our farm friends as we plant, sow seeds, move water, and get ready for a season of organic food once again.

More soon!
Ellen and Cole

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