Fields of flowers!

We try to spread health, happiness and beauty into the world with our work. In addition to all of our organic vegetables, we know that flowers are promoters of health, being scientifically proven to be natural mood boosters. Flowers have an immediate impact on joy. And so we keep growing more… acres of them to be exact. (not to mention their positive impact on the farm ecosystem)

The most floriferous time of our entire season is here. This weekend is Mother’s Day! Our favorite flower-giving holiday – because we love celebrating moms, and we love spreading joy.

This year we planted nearly an entire acre of flowers to bloom for Mother’s Day. It is an immense feat for our small team on the farm to grow, tend, and harvest that many flowers.

The farm is buzzing with activity this week – hoards of pollinators are flying blossom to blossom as we fly through the fields getting all the blooms cut. Sunflowers, zinnias, celosia, gomphrena, marigolds, strawflowers, cosmos, and more are all bursting forth from the earth. Brilliant colors are filling the field, the trailers, the barn and every nook and cranny of refrigerated space at the farm. Flowers are simply everywhere.

Please enjoy these photos of our flower-filled week. Come see ALL of these flowers for yourself THIS SATURDAY at the farmers market. Picking up flowers for yourself and the mother figures in your life is a guaranteed way to spread some joy in this week ahead. We would be humbled to play a small part in spreading this love. It’s worth celebrating. ❤️

All the best,
Ellen and Cole and the Little Pond Farm team

P.S. All of our flowers are USDA certified organic, just like our vegetables. This means they are safe to smell and bring into your home without carrying harmful chemicals on their petals. Organic flowers are the best flowers!

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