Our little one

The farm is chugging right along, each lengthening day resulting in the exponential growth of crops. February is a time of abundance. This is our second week of higher temperatures, and the crops have loved the warm air. This week has also brought abundant moisture, perfect for establishing new plantings. Today we are planting the first round of warmer weather crops, about half an acre worth. It won’t be long before we’re harvesting prolific cucumbers, squashes, basil, sunflowers, and more. We are generally not free of frost until late March, so we will continue to protect these plantings until then. It looks like winter will be paying us another visit this weekend.

Abundant crops in the field right now are spinach, celery, fennel, lettuces, scallions, kale, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, and more. Beets and sweet spring onions are on the horizon! Soon they will be included in veggie boxes and will be available at the farmers market. Warmer temps have brought on a prolific onset of strawberries, and are bringing a limited amount of sweet peppers back into production.

Our days are much different now that our little one is here. Our daughter is two-weeks-old, healthy, and waking up more each day. We’ve been spending our days resting, bonding, making sure Uma is fed, making sure we’re fed, cleaning up, and trying to soak up every moment. She has captured our hearts completely.

Thank you for your support the farmers market in St. Pete – especially this past rainy Saturday! We are always there rain or shine.

Ellen and Cole

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