Farm Membership Terms:

By becoming a farm member, you understand and agree to these terms:

Terms as of 5/17/23:

  • Farm Card purchases may not be combined with other discounts including but not limited to: vendor or employee discounts, chef pricing, and wholesale purchases.
  • Farm Cards are nonrefundable. You may transfer your account to another person at your own discretion, but we cannot cash-out your card balance.
  • Your first card is issued free of charge. Replacements for lost cards are $3.
  • You must bring your physical Farm Card to the market in order to be swiped for your purchases, we cannot look up your account by name. If you keep track of your Farm Card number, we can manually enter the number. You can also find your number in the “member resources” section of each email we send.
  • Farm Card funds do not carry over to the next season. Please use up your card balance before the end of the season (last Saturday of May), or remaining funds will be forfeited.
  • Sharing in the abundance of the season also means sharing in the seasonal fluctuations. We work hard to ensure the crops are diverse, abundant and vibrant from week to week, but cannot guarantee consistent availability or quantities of certain items through the whole season. If the entire crop were to fail due to natural factors, members agree to take the loss with the farmer.
  • Membership terms can be amended or updated throughout the year – members will be notified of any significant changes to policy.
  • Farm Card funds are redeemable only at our farmers market stand at Saturday Morning Market in downtown St. Pete.
  • Number of weeks in the season is not a definite guarantee. Our number of market dates is between 33 and 35 weeks depending on the number of Saturdays from October through May. In very rare circumstances the market has been closed, and these dates will not be made up. In our ten year market history, market has only ever been closed for emergency weather once, and we have never missed a market date when the market was open.