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  • 2018 Harvest begins!

    2018 Harvest begins!

    Harvest season begins — opening day of Saturday Morning Market is TOMORROW, October 6th! We return to the Saturday Morning Market tomorrow morning, October 6th, from 9:00am – 2:00pm in the Al Lang Stadium parking lot in downtown St. Pete. Come join in the celebration with us, your farmers. The first of the fall abundance is here! SeeContinue…

  • Planting


    We have been sowing and planting like crazy! The fields are beginning to fill up with baby plants and emerging seeds, and in just SIX SHORT WEEKS we will return to the farmers market for the season! (had to check the calendar twice, and yes… it’s true) We thank you for your support of our work! It isContinue…

  • Summer update, 2018

    Summer update, 2018

    The farm feels like a tropical rainforest. There is a humid heat that rises around 9:00am that breaks most afternoons with a heavy cool rain, followed by a blanket of clouds. If you were to leave for a few days and return (a luxury afforded by summer that is happily accepted), you would be struck by the rapid growthContinue…

  • Onward to spring

    Onward to spring

    Hi folks, So much has happened since Ellen’s last newsletter update. Fall whizzed by, winter arrived in full force, and spring weather shortly thereafter (within the past week). This year has brought many firsts, notably weather related – a dramatic hurricane (hurricane Irma) interruption at the start of planting season, river floods, abundant icicles, frozenContinue…