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  • Farm Update, April 14th 2021

    Farm Update, April 14th 2021

    Everyone’s favorite basils are back – we have Italian basil, Thai basil, and tulsi basil now! Our Italian basil is a perfect compliment to the prolific tomatoes we are harvesting now – pair them together in sandwiches, salads, or sauce. If you haven’t tried Thai basil before, pick some up from the market and tryContinue…

  • Farm Update, April 7th, 2021

    Farm Update, April 7th, 2021

    How many times this season have we said “it’s the most wonderful time of the year?” Peak harvest on our farm is from December through May. During those months – there are some periods where the gettin’ is really good. Now is one of those times. The cool nights are growing fewer, and soon weContinue…

  • Cukes, zukes, garlic

    Cukes, zukes, garlic

    Last week we reported the first arrival of springtime crops like cucumbers and squash – and this week we can report that bountiful harvests of those items are here! We expect to harvest over half a ton of cucumbers and squash this week! Veggie box folks – you’ll be getting cucumbers and squash in your boxContinue…

  • Farm update, March 24, 2021

    Farm update, March 24, 2021

    High season on the farm continues. Flowers are blooming, fruits are fruiting (strawberries, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, squashes, eggplants), root crops are still abundant, and the leafy green crops are large, and still very tender. This week we are harvesting the first of the springtime squashes and cucumbers. It’s nice to have these new flavors and texturesContinue…

  • A week in photos, March 2021

    A week in photos, March 2021

    Here are a few moments from this week on the farm. Hopefully, this brightens up your inbox this morning.

  • Will this be the year?

    Will this be the year?

    Each year at the end of February, the weather begins warming, days are getting longer, and the crops start growing faster and faster. Then March comes and we expect to have one final disrupting frost (or freeze) for the season. We labor over all of our new spring-planted crops getting them covered for this final blow ofContinue…

  • Week 23 of the season

    Week 23 of the season

    Here are a few moments from this warm week on the farm – in photos.

  • Blooming


    Flowers are bursting into bloom across the farm – in greenhouses, in the fields, in the strawberry patch, little weeds in the pasture, and in the wild places on the farm. Carolina jessamine vine lines the fence leading down the driveway to the farm, and its prolific yellow February flowers cast a heavenly scent in the air. AllContinue…

  • Our little one

    Our little one

    The farm is chugging right along, each lengthening day resulting in the exponential growth of crops. February is a time of abundance. This is our second week of higher temperatures, and the crops have loved the warm air. This week has also brought abundant moisture, perfect for establishing new plantings. Today we are planting theContinue…

  • Coldest winter ever?

    Coldest winter ever?

    It’s hard to not write about the weather – this season has just been extraordinarily cold. We’ve discussed how the cold weather affects crops – sweeter greens and sweeter root crops. We’ve talked about how cold weather is beneficial for breaking up pest and weed cycles. I don’t think we’ve written about the work involved inContinue…

  • The sweet and the bitter

    The sweet and the bitter

    The brief stint of warm weather this week has been such a welcome change. Temps have reached into the 80’s this week. That warmth is enough to kick the strawberries into high gear – we see lots of red in the rows and a profusion of new blooms. We’re looking forward to a bountiful winter/springContinue…

  • Planting planting planting

    Planting planting planting

    Have you had our cabbage yet? We have had a bountiful cabbage year! And not just by chance, but because we planted a lot. As farmers, one thing we can do to counter times of uncertainty – whether it be weather or otherwise, is to just keep on planting – and plant a lot. InContinue…

  • This week on the farm, Jan 13, 2021

    This week on the farm, Jan 13, 2021

    Winter has really settled in over the farm. Though we continue harvesting warm-season crops like eggplant, tomatoes, beans, and much more through the coldest days – this week the stark changes to the landscape around us really sunk in. The cypress trees at the back of the farm are all bare, the pastures around us forContinue…

  • Busy days of winter

    Busy days of winter

    Some of our busiest days of the season are here! Each week is a balancing act – seeding hundreds of trays of new crops, planting tens of rows of transplants, tending greenhouse and field crops, covering for frost when needed, irrigating, mowing, flipping beds, and harvesting like crazy. We are harvesting a lovely diversity ofContinue…

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    We made it through two freezes over the weekend at the farm – between Saturday and Sunday night we received many hours of sub-freezing temperatures, bottoming out both nights at 28 degrees! All of our crops were protected and made it through just fine. We can appreciate winter freezes like this one for a few reasonsContinue…

  • Brr


    Lately, it feels like all we can talk about and think about is the weather. This December has truly given us a run for our money! We have had to cover the farm in frost cloth every week of this month, and that trend continues this week as we approach the coldest days of this season. WeContinue…

  • Year ending. New crops, and looking onward.

    Year ending. New crops, and looking onward.

    **This post is from 2020 and contains COVID-19 veggie distribution details that are no longer applicable.** As we approach the end of the year, and the days with the least amount of sunshine, we slow down on planting and seeding a bit. Most of the fields are packed full of maturing veggies that will holdContinue…