CSA Week – What is CSA?

This week (week of February 20th) is National CSA Week – a week where CSA farms across the country have agreed to promote the values of CSA.

But first – what is CSA?

CSA is Community Supported Agriculture. Our farm utilizes this approach.

Allow us to explain:

CSA is a model where a farm accepts members into the farm. A direct relationship between the community of members and their farmers is established. The relationship includes an upfront payment from the member, and a commitment from the farmers to grow for that member for an entire season in return.

At Little Pond Farm, our CSA serves the community of St. Pete, Florida. The upfront payment allows for a portion of the farm’s start-of-season operating costs to be shared by the farm members. In return for their early commitment, members receive a Farm Card with 10% bonus funds and the complete flexibility to shop for whatever they want anytime during the 34 week harvest season.

In short – our members receive the best price on organic produce from us (10% return on initial investment) for an entire season of farmers market shopping. Members embark on a transformational journey. Members choose to support their own health through a season-long commitment to eating organic vegetables. Plus – members participate in growing a healthier world by supporting local organic farming.

We encourage farmers market shoppers that are ready to take their love of local organic food to the next level to become farm members.

But how?

We accept members once per year during our enrollment period which begins in mid-May.

Beginning then, memberships can be purchased for the price of $400. Folks that sign up early (before June 1st) actually get an even higher return on investment of 12%. So, your membership would include a Farm Card loaded with $448 to spend at the market for the entire following season.

Our members are the heartbeat of our farm, and have been for 7 of the 10 seasons we’ve been in business.

So, on this National CSA Week, though we are not currently accepting members, we encourage you to learn more about what membership could mean for you and your family. And if you think you might be ready to make that commitment, get on the waitlist. Enrollment will be here in just a few months.

Read all about Little Pond Farm Membership here!

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